View from the inside


We asked some of our colleagues what they thought made More a great company to join…


• "We are a company where people want to learn, to improve, to enquire, to develop, and to share: it is the (not so) secret ingredient that helps to set us apart."

• "You’ll have to be comfortable with the continuous discomfort of striving for excellence: of asking ‘how can we do this better?"

• "It isn’t for everyone: we have chosen not to organise ourselves with a CEO or a Managing Partner. Perhaps that sounds simple, but it’s worth pointing out that we no longer have one boss, but many colleagues and co-owners to whom we are each responsible for the success of the Partnership we share."

• "Because we are small, we can be agile and flexible, we react quickly and empower each other to take decisions."

• "You'll need to be responsible for yourself; to be independent, self-aware and proactive."

• "One risk of working in a virtual firm is that it can sometimes feel a bit lonely. While we don’t have a watercooler, we celebrate each other's successes, and invest time in each other. Our Slack channels are filled with pictures: of Rebecca with Hope the blue whale at the opening of the Natural History Museum’s Hintze Hall; of Siôn in Åarhus, of Liam in Uganda with his disturbing beetle bite."

• "We also see each other through a regular cycle of company meetings, through client work, and on an ad hoc basis; not to mention that once a year, we take ourselves away for four days as a company to wrestle with big thorny issues."

•"We are very evidence-based: we collect it, sift it, synthesise it and analyse it; we are purpose- and outcome- driven."

• "It’s been the happiest period of my professional life."

…and what our clients say about us

  • Moorfields Eye Hospital

    “Honesty and respect shows up in everything More Partnership does.”

    Moorfields Eye Hospital

  • Cancer Research UK

    “While other consultancies came in with very set ideas, More Partnership listened. Their experience and professionalism also made them credible with our senior management. We started with ten key questions. Through the study, More Partnership answered them all – and many more. They helped us to understand the motivations of our major gift prospects and the challenges ahead for our organisation. They told it like it was, rather than giving us what we wanted to hear.”

    Cancer Research UK

  • University of Oxford

    “The practical benefits of More Partnership’s benchmarking have been immense. In fact, it’s hard to imagine life without this data.”

    University of Oxford

  • International Committee of the Red Cross

    “All who have seen the More report recognise its excellent quality; indeed it stands out in the organisation, there is nothing else of this standard circulating that is for sure.”

    International Committee of the Red Cross

  • University of Bristol

    “They are experienced, knowledgeable, capable people as individuals, and then as a group. They were both supportive and challenging and in equal measure. Generally, you’re looking for people who can come and bring that intellectual firepower, that capacity, that capability you don’t have yourself. And More do that”.

    University of Bristol

  • CASE

    “My sense of them is around integrity, hard work, real commitment and devotion. They’re running a business, but it doesn’t feel like they’re running a business. The level of desire of supporting and getting things right seems to far outweigh the fact that they’re having to earn money in order to deliver this outcome.”



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