How we work


Between us, our consulting partners have held senior positions in all areas of fundraising: you can browse through our profiles here.

But no matter where we come from, we hold in common a special way of doing and being. We describe ourselves as ‘partners in purpose’, and our four values guide everything we do.


First, we challenge ourselves, embracing new ideas and opportunities to keep learning and innovating. We keep it real, grounding our advice in evidence and taking a pragmatic approach to make change happen. Third, we bring the joy, with a firm belief that great relationships can lead to life-changing outcomes. And we go beyond, stretching ourselves so our work delivers the best impact.

We have also developed a set of professional principles, which underpin everything we do as a collective:

  • Working together:  We are each responsible for managing ourselves and accountable for the Partnership’s success. We all play an active role in creating a flourishing team, and we step forward when our skills and expertise are needed
  • Innovating and building for the future: We create new ways to serve our shared purpose, balancing the needs of the business today with future opportunities. We are ambitious but grounded, taking informed risks.
  • Delivering exceptional quality: We deliver on our commitments to a high standard, and implement our practice and products in a consistent way. We tailor our approach to achieve the greatest impact
  • Communicating with each other: We communicate with intention and clarity, investing time in engaging with each other and doing so constructively. We are radically transparent.
  • Making decisions:  We seek colleagues’ views and listen attentively; we trust each other to make the right decisions, and (once made) we execute decisions in good time.
  • Learning and growing: We are responsible for our own development. We give and seek feedback to learn from experience, and we share generously what we know and discover.