The roles


Consulting Partner

Consulting Partner: about the role

Partners' salaries are set on a scale from £60k to c. £100k

It’s worth stating at the outset that no-one has ever come to us as the complete fundraising consultant – like any group of individuals, we all arrive with different strengths, preoccupations, preferences, and skills. But there are probably some unifying factors: our tangible hunger to learn (and willingness to say when we don’t know); our nuanced integration of professional fundraising (and wider engagement) experience, analysis, and judgement; and a strong work-ethic in the service of our shared purpose. You’ll find we also generally have a fair degree of professional confidence, personal humility, intellectual curiosity, and a burning passion to make good things happen. We work hard not only because we want our clients to make the world a better place, but also because we deeply like and respect each other. It’s a pretty unusual combination.

Our purpose is to advance great ambitions, and it’s no overstatement to say that we change the future for the organisations we support. One of the characteristics we most value is the ability to approach a project from first principles: balancing experience with fresh analysis, curiosity, and the insights of others in the firm. We challenge ourselves all the time, and it’s important that consultants care deeply (and on behalf of the whole firm) about the quality of everything they do. Even though we work from home, the commitment to getting together regularly – four, one-day residential meetings each year plus our annual four-day Advance (we don’t do retreats...), as well as multiple other opportunities to meet with some or all our colleagues – nourishes our sense of collegiate working.

It’s hard to think of many comparable consultancies; though there are a handful of larger firms operating globally, there are very few operating in the UK and Europe where you’ll find this level of knowledge, expertise, respect, and trust. For many of us whose first careers were within larger organisations, the opportunity to step away from the particular pressures of leading within a structure is one of the most welcome aspects – the autonomy and sense of agency at More Partnership is instantly refreshing.

Of course, you do need to step up and perform; you need to be a self-starter, able to rely on your own judgement and ability to deliver, sometimes under pressure. But accountability to colleagues is always mixed with plentiful support and encouragement, particularly if you are working in sectors that are outside your previous experience - and we almost always work in consultant teams. And while volumes of work can be consistently high for several weeks at a time, consultants will also experience some quieter periods; these are entirely normal, and we encourage colleagues to use them to refresh and refine their skillset, develop knowledge of a new sector, or renew relationships.

There is an expectation that consultants generate some of the work that they will do and this responsibility is becoming more dispersed among colleagues. But while we would like to meet people who can introduce their networks to us, it’s emphatically not about making ‘sales’ per se; it’s more about forging relationships of trust that we know will result in opportunities. And we also recognise that networks change and grow in the course of a career, so we don’t necessarily expect yours to meet a minimum size!

In summary, we’re looking for good listeners, enquiring minds, and the ability to synthesise judgement and experience in a way that will make a difference. You’re likely to have a track record of success to date, but also to be actively interested in (and thoughtful about) the process of becoming a consultant – and you’ll be able to appreciate the notion that the freedom to act and work with integrity could almost be seen as part of the benefits package. We think hard, learn all the time, talk to others; if the idea of being in a permanent masterclass appeals to you, you’ll fit right in.

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Non-executive Director

Non-executive Director: about the role

£12k • time commitment of c. 24 days p.a.

The company’s current governance and decision-making structure includes a Board of directors, an Executive Team and a central team. The Board is elected from our community of partners. We are committed to advancing greater diversity in our company, including on the Board, because we know that diversity of perspective and experience means that we can advance great ambitions most effectively. We would therefore especially welcome interest from applicants whose appointment would support this aim.

As we consolidate our new employee-owned structure and look to the future, our direction of travel will see the Board continuing to strengthen its strategic mode. While our precious legacy of stability, high levels of trust and mutual respect are huge assets, we also recognise that an increasingly democratic, participative company will need to find new ways of making decisions – especially difficult ones. Our new Non-Executive Director will support this process, helping us to ensure we’re asking the right sorts of questions, identifying the most salient information, and thinking holistically about the implications (including on our own community) of a given course of action. You’ll contribute significantly to the development of our new strategy, which is to be launched in April 2022.

A skilled communicator and facilitator, you’ll ensure that we hear all views in complex discussions, and that we make considered and collective judgements as a result. Able to play the role of critical friend to individuals as well as the firm, you will quickly win the trust and engagement of the whole community – and the legitimacy to voice counter-arguments, should that be in the interests of the decision. We’ll value your deft ‘sense-checking’ lines of questioning: discursive rather than prescriptive, you’ll ensure that the quality of our governance always attains the high level to which we aspire.

We have undergone an extensive audit of our own skills and attributes in advance of this appointment, and the areas of expertise we seek can be seen on this downloadable role profile. It’s likely that you will have an extensive professional track record in one or more of finance, HR/OD, law or diversity & inclusion; and a nuanced grasp of leadership coaching would also be an asset.

You’ll find us to be optimistic people, with high levels of tenacity, intellectual curiosity, rigour and humility; we’re always learning, and always able to bring our full selves to the work we do. In return we can guarantee you’ll be stretched in ways you won’t expect, shape outcomes that will be deeply rewarding, and will have a sizable amount of fun along the way. Most importantly of all, you will make a decisive contribution to advancing the great ambitions of our wonderful clients as they make the world a better place.