About More Partnership


At More Partnership, we believe in the power of philanthropy to advance great ambitions, and in partnering with our clients as a force to make that happen. And we have been putting that belief into action – for the benefit of educational, cultural, charitable and other organisations all over the world – since our foundation in 1989 by the late Iain More.


One of Europe’s first fundraising consultants, Iain was a remarkable person, to whom we owe a continuing debt of gratitude. His integrity, vision, and personal character shaped much of the culture of ambition and expectation that is at the heart of the More Partnership. We miss him greatly, and we think you’ll enjoy reading about him.

Today, More Partnership is a close-knit team of more than 20 partners, bound by a strong sense of purpose and shared values. We are a virtual firm, networked across Europe, America, Africa and beyond, with a head office in Scotland. There are currently 20+ partners in the team and our annual turnover is c. £3m p.a. Following our move to employee ownership in April 2020, each partner has an equal say in the decisions we make, a share in our success, and a responsibility to push us forward. And the contribution we make has broadened significantly. As well as advising and strategising, we now research, benchmark, teach, and do; our work typically takes place within four distinct but linked stages of our clients’ philanthropic journeys, outlined below.

  • We help our clients plan their fundraising, to give them clear direction, a compelling story and better engaged stakeholders.
  • We equip their teams with knowledge, skills, tools and confidence to take their work further, so that (for example) they can manage their data more effectively, or better understand their audiences.
  • We help them get to work and do more, right now, by providing specialist leadership skills, experienced hands-on support or additional fundraising capacity
  • And we help them evaluate their performance to understand their opportunity, and (most importantly) their future potential.

Impact is what drives us – both the impact we have on our clients, and the impact their organisations have on the world. That could mean saving lives through ground-breaking scientific research, realising the potential of children from disadvantaged backgrounds by enabling them to access life-changing education, bringing divided communities together through the universal language of art and music... and so much more.

You can find out more (pun intended) about us by visiting our website